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What We Do

Our Sioux Falls water restoration and carpet cleaning company has experience in a wide range of areas:



After a flooding event, removal of the excess water is a crucial step in the mitigation process.  Kelsey's has the training and specialized water extraction equipment to expedite water removal.  That equipment includes the industry's most powerful carpet and pad extractor, making it possible to remove up to 97% of the water from your carpet and padding.  Whether you have a flooded basement, business or home, don't pull up your flooded carpet until you've talked to us.




Have a flooded basement?
Need help fast?
We have all seen the effects of commercial, home, and basement flooding in the Sioux Falls area.
Heavy rains in recent years have made this prospect all too real for many. We know how stressful flood damage to a home or business can be.
If you’re in need of a flooded basement cleanup, we’re here to minimize the damage, and get you back to your usual lifestyle, with as little stress and cost as possible.




We’ve been in this business for over 30 years, since 1980.
We are a local Sioux Falls company, and carpet cleaning has always been a mainstay of our company, and it’s how we got started.
We take pride in our longevity, and pride in our community too.
So, if you have a rug or carpet that needs cleaning, go local with us.




Even a small amount of water can migrate beyond your flooring and absorb into structural materials such as drywall, framing, finish carpentry, insulation and cabinetry.  Without the use of specialized moisture meters, this type of structural moisture is very hard to identify until permanent damage is done.  If called soon enough, Kelsey's can locate and effectively identify and dry your structure.




Water can have catastrophic affects on hardwood flooring.  Hardwoods react slowly to moisture and often don't begin to show signs of damage until they've been wet for a few days.  Wet hardwood flooring can take weeks or months to dry naturally, allowing more than enough time for fungal growth on the underside of the wood planks.   Kelsey's' wood floor drying systems can quickly and safely dry your hardwood floor investment.



IR (Infrared) Thermography

IR thermography is a state-of-the-art inspection method for professional water damage restoration.  The evaporative cooling effect of water on structural materials allows otherwise invisible damage to be identified and dried.  Kelsey's was the first restoration firm in Sioux Falls to use infrared for diagnosing water intrusion into buildings and considers it a must for proper monitoring of the drying process.



Moisture Testing & Consulting

Kelsey's provides testing and consulting services in the areas of water damage mitigation, restoration and water intrusion.  If you have a moisture related problem with your existing or new building construction, Kelsey's can assist you in identifying it and engineering a scientifically based drying plan.


Dear Mark - June 11th was a disastrous day for us. 30,000 gallons of water poured out into our brand new furnished basement in less than 4 hours! Once your powerful drying equipment was in place we couldn't believe how quickly our basement dried out! (5 days) We were amazed by your equipment, your meticulous metering, your precise documentation and the job you did so well. We will recommend you to everyone we know as not only the most cost effective way to restore a basement, but also as the most thorough. Thank you so much for making our home a priority and getting the job done right!  

Henry & Anne Werth

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Kelsey's Cleaning and Water Restoration

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